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About Us

We are Ariel and Ness and we are Harissa Hobart.  Harissa Hobart was born in 2017 from our love and passion for all food that is plant based, healthy, nutritious and cruelty free.  Our ethos is to support local where we can!


The name Harissa was chosen because Ariel is originally from Tel Aviv and Ness was born in Hobart.  We wanted to choose a name that reflected Ariel’s middle eastern heritage and its delicious cuisine.  Coincidentally, Harissa is also a combination of both our names with the ‘H’ representing Hobart – we could not go pass it.


Our idea of starting a vegan food business started when we both lived in Croatia.  We both lived in the central Dalmatian coast, Ness in Zadar and Ariel on the island of Pag where we owned and ran backpacking businesses.  The only way we could enjoy vegan cuisine was to cook it ourselves (there was only one raw food restaurant near to where we lived) and our interest and passion in the vegan cuisine grew.  When we decided to return to Hobart to live, we were instantly drawn to setting up a business where we could pursue our food dream.


We first appeared in markets and events around Hobart and since our inception we have been developing the catering side of our business.

Our passion for the environment and caring for animals underpins our philosophy at heart.  Growing local, small batch fruit and vegetables, keeping waste and single use products to an absolute minimum, and constantly striving to achieve a lower impact on the environment, we are working to ensure that our small business has as minimal an impact on the environment as possible, whilst showing you that plant based cuisine can be creative, fun, flavourful, nutritious and never dull.

About Us: About Us
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