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We are able to cater for your special event including weddings, birthday parties and corporate or private parties.  We understand that every event is unique and can vary in terms of numbers, locational specifics and also quantity and style of food.  From delightful canapés to fun street food served from our marquee, to relaxed buffets and spectacular dinners – we can prepare a menu to suit your special day or event that focuses on fresh and nutritious produce, sourced locally (where possible) and which is 100 percent vegan.

Our catering service is tailored to the individual and considers their unique personality and style when designing menus.  Harissa Hobart is an eco business and we consider the environment and our planet in all aspects of the business.  Our team puts service first, to ensure every event runs seamlessly and you can make the most of your special day.

Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email about your upcoming special event and we can speak to you in more detail about what we can offer and what style of catering works best for your event.

Catering Quote

Answer a few questions and we could provide you with the best menu options catered especially for you 

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